Albert Akanbi (Child Abuse) – The Interview

The Interview - by RadioNow / Apr. 29th, 2021

According to the United Nations children fund (UNICEF ), violence against children occurs in homes, families, schools, communities, and other places where children should feel safe.

In Nigeria, different forms of abuse such as violent discipline, sexual harassment, with community beliefs about witchcraft have made many Nigerian children vulnerable.

In this episode of the interview Radio Now’s Umar Audu speaks to Albert Afeso Akanbi, a writer and child rights activist, who has been championing the cause of children accused of witchcraft in the south-south region of Nigeria. He helps us understand the widespread belief that witchcraft exists among children, and explains how we can end this practice.

This episode of the interview originally aired on the 21st of April, on Radio Now 953 FM Lagos.

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