Amnesty for Bandits? – The Big Story; Exclusive Interview With Sheikh Gumi

News, Radio Now Exclusives - by RadioNow / Feb. 23rd, 2021
Sheikh Gumi The Big Story

Against the backdrop of the activities of bandits in the country, many wonder why Islamic cleric Sheikh Gumi continues to meet with them while also advocating for amnesty. On Monday’s ‘The Big Story’, we examine this proposed amnesty, and speak to Muslim cleric and negotiator, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Now, Sheikh Gumi provides his perspective on the origins and motivations of the bandits, who he prefers to call ‘militants’.

Speaking with Kadaria Ahmed, Sheikh Gumi notes that while the country views them as criminals, “they see you as criminals.”

Sheikh Gumi explains that whilst the banditry in parts of northern Nigeria may have started as an insurgency, “What we’re facing now is an ethnic war, between people who have been living together.” The Sheikh also cautioned Nigerians on their language in reference to bandits, and whilst asserting that there is never a reason to justify crime, urged listeners to “understand the genesis.”

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