Cheta Nwanze – News Extra (Biafra)

NEWS EXTRA - by RadioNow / Mar. 23rd, 2021
asari dokubo biafra

The leader of the Niger Delta people’s salvation force Asari Dokubo, has announced the creation of Biafra customary government. This is a breakaway faction of IPOB.

In his speech, Mr Dokubo said provisional structures of government will be setup, and that there would be no violent confrontation with the state.

The Biafra movement has been dominated by South easterners, with most of it’s activities taking place between Anambra, Enugu and Imo state. With the entry of Asari dokubo into this secessionist agitation, what will change about the tone of the movement, and how will Nnamdi Kanu and those loyal to him, take to this new development.

Cheta Nwanze, lead partner at SBMIntelligence joins Radio Now to discuss this new group, and what lead to this breakaway faction.

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