Christian Happi (Covid-19 testing breakthrough) – Breakfast Interview

Breakfast Interview - by RadioNow / Apr. 26th, 2021
prof happi

Over 900,000 doses of the covid vaccine have been administered in Nigeria, despite this progress, the mutating nature of the virus means that scientists remain relentless in their research, as they try to gain a better understanding of the virus.

The African centre of excellence for genomics of infectious diseases (ACEGID), has developed a fast-track test for Covid-19 certified by the US FDA, costing about N1,500 ($3), much cheaper than the PCR test which can cost as high as N50,000.

In this segment of The Breakfast Interview, we speak with professor Christian Happi, director of the Africa centre for genomics on the significance of this breakthrough.

This episode of the Breakfast Interview originally aired on the 14th of April, 2021 on Radio Now 95.3 FM Lagos.

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