International organization for migration (IOM) & Child-trafficking – News Extra

NEWS EXTRA - by RadioNow / May. 10th, 2021
child migrants

Children involved in irregular migration, are often always trafficked.

The international organization for migration is moving to create migration clubs and schools, to tackle the scourge of irregular migration, beginning with Edo state.

The head of IOM’s sub-office in Benin city, made this known in a town hall meeting, to promote safe migration in Benin city, with the school clubs serving as channels to create awareness, for the risk of irregular migration, human trafficking, and the risks involved with smuggling migrants.

In this episode of News Extra, we chat with the communications officer of the IOM, to find out why the IOM is taking the conversation of irregular migration, to school-aged children.

This episode of News Extra originally aired live on the 2nd of April, 2021.

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