Memo to the Nigerian president – News Extra (Abraham Idowu)

NEWS EXTRA - by RadioNow / Mar. 21st, 2021
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After 6 years under the leadership of President Buhari, the security situation in Nigeria has not been too pleasant according to Abraham Idowu.

With each region of the country dealing with it’s own security menace, each corner is being forced to develop new strategies to deal with these challenges, from negotiations, to vigilante groups, various strategies have been deployed, yet little to no progress has been recorded.

The issue of dealing with mercenaries has drawn mixed responses, with some suggesting Nigeria consider this avenue  seriously, while others question how an oil-rich nation such as Nigeria, with an extensive peace-keeping history is failing to secure it’s borders.

On this episode of News Extra, we speak with Abraham Abiodun Idowu, a teacher, farmer, and accountant who wrote a memo on Nigeria’s internal struggle with security, to President Buhari.

This episode of News Extra originally aired live on Radio Now 95.3 FM Lagos, on the 12th of March, 2021.

Abraham Idowu had written several memos on revenue, and corruption to president Buhari, since he resumed office in 2015, however saw no need t0o write on security, due to Muhammadu Buhari’s military experience.

The way things are going, there are so many loud voices which seem to be pushing Nigeria to the end, pulling Nigeria apart, and I felt if those voices are many and so loud, maybe other voices that have been silent before now, should start speaking up.

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