March 24, 2023
Osimhen Targets Scudetto With Napoli, Then Premier League Move
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Osimhen Targets Scudetto With Napoli, Then Premier League Move

Serie A top goal-scorer Victor Osimhen said on Monday he dreams of playing in the English Premier League.


The Nigeria striker, who was in Rome to collect the award for foreign athlete of the year in Italy from the foreign press association, said he wanted to deliver a league title to Napoli fans but was also looking further ahead.


“A lot of people worldwide consider the Premier league as the best and strongest league,” said the 24-year-old.


“I’m in one the best league in the world, which is the Italian Serie A.


“Of course, I’m working so hard to make sure that I achieve my dream of playing in the Premier League someday, but it’s a process and I just want to keep on this momentum.”

Osimhen joined Napoli in 2020 from Lille.

He has 19 league goals this season as Napoli have built a 15-point lead as they chase a first title since the days of Diego Maradona.

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“As a football player, when you arrive in Napoli you fall in love even more with football, because they base all their life on the game and the support for the team,” he said.


“To be able to try to give them something to remember is a big mission for me.”


Argentina legend Maradona led the club to their only two titles in 1987 and 1990.


“When you talk about Napoli, the first player who comes to the mind of the fans is Maradona. Even if we can win the Scudetto, we can not compare with what Maradona has done for this club, he’s more than a legend,” Osimhen said.


“We’ve been doing quite well this season, but I don’t consider myself as an icon until we achieve the objective.”


Asked about racism in stadiums, he called it a “bad disease.”


“I’ve been racially abused twice and it’s a bad feeling.”

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