June 13, 2024
Stephen Imediegwu

Stephen Imediegwu

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Stephen “Steavihn” Imediegwu is versatile media personality whose journey into media started in 2006 with the community radio station in Ogun State. As an undergraduate in Babcock University, he landed an internship role with the campus based Hope FM where he quickly proved himself to be a natural on-air talent. His authenticity in connecting with the audience saw this internship blossom into a full time position for the next four years.

Upon graduation, Stephen moved to Edo State and join the newly formed Vibes FM as host of the Night Time Belt. He developed a loyal following of listeners who tuned in each day to hear his latest interviews, music selections, and commentary on current events.
In addition to his work on radio, Stephen has served as a media consultant, creating a campus radio station for Benson Idahosa University and Mobicure Integrated Solutions as well as a short stint with Rhythm FM Benin and most recently Inspiration FM, Lagos.
Stephen describes himself as a Nigerian patriot who believes in speaking truth to power and continues to advocate for a better Nigeria via his personal and professional platforms.