July 14, 2024
11 Cattle Markets In Zamfara Shut Down Over Banditry
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11 Cattle Markets In Zamfara Shut Down Over Banditry

The Zamfara State Government has again closed eleven cattle markets in parts of the state until further notice.

In a statement yesterday, the state’s Commissioner for Information, Munnir Haidara, said the decision followed security reports that the bandits were using the markets to sell off their rustled cows.

He said that the state government has directed the security agencies to ensure compliance and arrest any person who violated the order.

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Commissioner Haidara also called on the people of the state to abide by the order and cooperate with the state government in its efforts to rid the state of banditry activities.

Northwest and central Nigeria have been long terrorised by bandit militias operating from bases deep in forests and raiding villages to loot and kidnap residents for ransom.

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