June 2, 2023
Africa in Perspective News

Africa in Perspective: Are Journalists in Cameroon Under Attack?

This week on Africa in Perspective, we took a look at breaking stories across the African continent and had an extensive conversation on the death of Anye Nde Nsoh, who was until his death, the west and northwest region bureau chief for the Advocate, a Cameroonian weekly newspaper.

The Death of Mr Nsoh makes it the third killing of a media person in Cameroon this year, and to help understand the circumstances that led to this, what this means for other journalists in the country and what is possibly being done to prevent a reoccurrence of media persons being killed in the country, we spoke with Nchanji Hanson Nfor, the Executive Editor of Cameroon News Agency.

On amazing fact about Africa, we examined a vacation hot spot in Cameroon, known as the Kribi beach, widely patronized by travelers and locals, as well as examined details on the fascinating ethnicities and languages in the country.

Listen to the full episode:

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