July 14, 2024
Bitcoin Surges To $45,000 First Time Since April 2022
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Bitcoin Surges To $45,000 First Time Since April 2022

With hope surrounding the potential licensing of exchange-traded spot bitcoin funds, Bitcoin surged beyond $45,000 yesterday for the first time since April 2022.

With its highest year performance since 2020, Bitcoin gained 156% last year and reached a 21-month high of about $45,500.

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It is still far from the record high of the $69,000 it achieved in November 2021, even though it was up 2.5% at about $45,300 recently.

According to Reuters, the main concern among investors has been whether the U.S. securities regulator will soon authorise a spot bitcoin ETF, which would attract billions of dollars in investments and open up the bitcoin market to millions more people.

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