July 25, 2024
‘Exercise In Futility’: Ayu Waves Off Suspension By Benue PDP
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‘Exercise In Futility’: Ayu Waves Off Suspension By Benue PDP

‘The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Iyorchia Ayu has waved off his suspension by his ward in Benue State.


He was suspended late last week for anti-party activities in the wake of the party’s loss in the presidential election.


But in a Monday statement by his media aide Simon Imobo-Tswam, the former lawmaker argued that only the ward lacks the powers to suspend him.


“The PDP National Chairman, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, has not been suspended by his Ward. Some members of the Exco are only being teleguided by political gamblers to cause mischief and nothing more,” the statement read.


“For starters, Article 57(7) of the PDP Constitution as Amended in 2017 expressly prohibits any organ of the party or executive committee of the party at the Ward or State Level from taking any disciplinary measure against any member of the party’s National Executive Committee.

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“The purported suspension is, therefore, an exercise in futility as it derives its strength majorly from gross illiteracy, ignorance, gambling, and desperation. It has only mischief, drama, and propaganda value.”


The PDP chieftain claimed the suspension letter was riddled with errors which put a question mark on the move.


“This is why the original date is typexed and 24 March imposed on it. And this is also why it states that the presidential/NASS and Governorship/State Assembly elections were held on the 25th and 18th of March 2023 respectively.


“From what we know, the document itself is fraudulent as the signatures of the Ward Executives were forged or obtained under duress.


“The chairman, his deputy, and legal adviser didn’t sign. The 14th person on the list didn’t sign too. She was at NKST Ambighir for the Holy Communion.”


He claimed that “the same applies for Nos. 5, 8, and 16. At the time they were supposed to be in Makurdi with the other coerced, intimidated, and induced members of the exco, they were actually in their villages, going about their normal businesses.


“Up till now, about nine members of the Ward Exco are still being held hostage in a location in Makurdi for obvious reasons. And expectedly, their mobile numbers have been switched off. It is instructive.”

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