May 21, 2024
Gbajabiamila: Many Youths Have Lost Faith In Nigeria
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Gbajabiamila: Many Youths Have Lost Faith In Nigeria

Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila, the outgoing speaker of the house representatives, says many young Nigerians have lost faith in the country.

Speaking at yesterday’s valedictory session of the ninth house of representatives, he said Nigeria is losing some of its best and brightest minds to other countries, and urgent action must be taken to avert what he calls a painful consequence.

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He also said despite considerable investments we have made to improve public infrastructure, and numerous reforms enacted to change how government is administered, Nigeria still faces many significant challenges.

He also added that citizens must be protected from marauders, insurgents, petty criminals and assorted villains who wish to harm them, and that the government needs to restore faith in young people so that so many of them no longer feel like the only way to achieve their best aspirations is to chase their fortunes in far away, often hostile lands.

    • 12 months ago

    […] READ ALSO: Gbajabiamila: Many Youths Have Lost Faith In Nigeria […]

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