July 22, 2024
Israel Calls On UN Chief To Resign
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Israel Calls On UN Chief To Resign

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, has called on UN secretary-general, António Guterres, to resign after his remarks yesterday saying the attacks by Hamas inside Israel on 7 October cannot justify what Guiterres called the “collective punishment of the Palestinian people”.

Things got aggressive at the UN security council meeting at the UN headquarters in New York a little earlier, yesterday after Guterres called for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza as he noted that the attacks by Hamas on southern Israel on 7 October didn’t happen “in a vacuum”, as he put it. The UN Chief added that the October 7 attacks had followed what he called “56 years of suffocating occupation” for the Palestinian people by Israel.

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Israel’s Ambassador Erdan posted on X/Twitter, demanding that Guterres resign immediately.

He further posted another condemnation of the Secretary-General, calling him “completely disconnected from the reality in the troubled region. Erdsn also added that the UN Chief views the attacks carried out by what he called “Nazi Hamas terrorists in a distorted and immoral manner”.

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    […] READ ALSO: Israel Calls On UN Chief To Resign […]

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