July 21, 2024
Israel Deepens Offensive In Rafah And Re-Enters Northern Areas Of Gaza
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Israel Deepens Offensive In Rafah And Re-Enters Northern Areas Of Gaza

Israeli troops have continued their offensives across Gaza, deploying tank fire, artillery bombardment and airstrikes in its ongoing campaign.

In the far south of the devastated territory on Monday, the Guardian reported helicopter strikes and street battles in Rafah as the Israel Defense Forces, IDF, consolidated their hold on neighbourhoods east of the strategic Salah al-Din road, which bisects the city.

In the north, the IDF advanced into Jabaliya and Beit Lahiya, both areas fierce fighting early in the seven-month war.

Officials estimate that as many as 500,000 people have fled Rafah since being told to evacuate by the IDF before their first attacks around and in the city a week ago. Roads heading north and west are choked with cars, trucks, trolleys and pony carts laden with people and their possessions.

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While attending a ceremony in Jerusalem on Monday to mark Israel’s fallen soldiers, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said the war against Hamas was an existential struggle.

He added that his administration is determined to win, and is exacting and will continue to exact a heavy price from the enemy for what he calls their criminal actions.

Israel has described its latest return to the north, from where it pulled out most of its troops five months ago, as part of a “mopping-up” stage of the war to prevent fighters from returning, and said such operations had always been part of its plan.

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