February 25, 2024
Mami Wata’ Gathers More Acclaim At Afrika Eye Film Festival
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Mami Wata’ Gathers More Acclaim At Afrika Eye Film Festival

Mami Wata,’ the Sundance-winning film by Nigerian film director C.J. Obasi, has been celebrated for its cinematography and its riveting storyline at the Afrika Eye Film Festival.

Afrika Eye Film Festival recently returned for its 17th edition and had an array of films that dug deep into political issues and highlighted the creative spirit of the continent. From musical trilogies, and folklores to afrofuturism stories, the festival thrilled audiences in Bristol, U.K. for the eight days it held.

A supernatural tale, ‘Mami Wata’ revolves around two sisters who must fight to save their people and restore the glory of a water goddess to the land.

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Mermaids are prevalent in African culture and are both revered and detested. In Nigeria, the water deity is worshipped in some cultures and is sometimes known for bringing good tidings to the people. 

‘Mami Wata’ has been submitted as Nigeria’s entry for the 2024 Oscars International Feature Film category, solidifying its impact on the global cinematic stage.

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