July 25, 2024
‘My Mission Is To Rescue Zamfara’: Gov-Elect Vows To Create ‘Better Society’
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‘My Mission Is To Rescue Zamfara’: Gov-Elect Vows To Create ‘Better Society’

Zamfara State governor-elect, Dauda Lawal, has reiterated his mission to rescue the state from its backward position.


He said this in his acceptance speech to the people of the state and thanked the electorate for their resilience, understanding, and support to accomplish the rescue mission embarked on by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.


The governor-elect promised to effectively implement the rescue agenda to alleviate the socio-economic hardship facing the people of the state.

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“Let me emphasize that the whole essence of the contest for me is to rescue Zamfara State. As you are all aware, Zamfara is facing serious security challenges which are really disturbing and nothing is happening in the state,” he said Tuesday.

He stated that salvaging the state to reach a higher level of security and socio-economic development is a priority for his government

“Very soon, Zamfara will witness entire changes, Insha Allah,” the PDP candidate in Saturday’s governorship election assured. “We are ready and we remain committed to making Zamfara a better society, very soon you will witness the kind of positive changes that will happen in this state.”

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