July 25, 2024
Palestinians Face ‘Unprecedented’ Development Regression
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Palestinians Face ‘Unprecedented’ Development Regression

The UN Development Programme has released a report on the toll of Israel’s attacks in Gaza, showing that Palestinian GDP had declined by about 4.2 percent since the beginning of the war, accounting for a loss of about $857m.

If the war continues for two months, it projects an 8.7 percent decline, accounting for $1.7bn, resulting in a loss of 19 years of human development for Palestine.

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This, according to him, means almost $50bn of investments in schools and hospitals and economy and infrastructure wiped out completely,  not just for Gaza, but the whole Palestinian economy.


Speaking to Al Jazeera, Abdallah al-Dardari, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS) at the UN agency, called the impact unprecedented.

He said having observed conflicts for a very long time, he had never seen such a regression in human development in one, two, or even three months.

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    […]  READ ALSO: Palestinians Face ‘Unprecedented’ Development Regression […]

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