June 6, 2023
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Police Arrested The Leader Of Anti-Monarchy Group

Police arrested the leader of anti-monarchy group, Republic, and 51 others at King Charles’s coronation on Saturday, saying their duty to prevent disruption outweighed the right to protest.

Hundreds of yellow-clad demonstrators gathered among the 10-deep crowds lining the procession route in central London to stand out from those clad in red, white and blue, and to hold up signs saying “Not My King”.

  1. Republic said its leader, Graham Smith, had been detained before the procession began and photos circulated on social media showing police officers seizing demonstrators’ placards.
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In a statement, Commander Karen Findlay of the London Metropolitan police said the police understands public concern following the arrests made, but there had been a significant police operation over the preceding 24 hours, following information received that protesters were determined to disrupt the Coronation procession.

Republic had vowed to mount the biggest protest against a British monarch in modern history and protesters booed as King Charles and Queen Camilla made their way to Westminster Abbey, and as the service was relayed publicly on large speakers.

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