Now Breakfast

Breakfast Interview

Interviews with people in government, analysts, and other relevant stakholders.

News Extra

Nuanced and broad conversations from newsmakers and those impacted by news.

News Review

Daily analysis of news headlines with pundits and listeners. 

Entertainment Now

Catch the latest gist from the world of entertainment, spiced up with juicy interviews with showbiz stars.

Mid Day

The Interview

The Interview features professional journalists asking the experts and officials, the people that matter, the questions that matter. Listen every weekday at 10:08 AM, and again at 1:15 PM.

Tech Now

Technology intersects with all areas of everyday life. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 am, we bring you tech news, reviews, and interviews.

The Week Ahead

On Mondays at 9 AM, an expert from SBM Intelligence, Nigeria’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform, helps us understand the stories that will dominate the new week and their geopolitical implications.

Mind Space

Your mental health matters. And knowledge is power. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:20 am, hear from expert psychologists, psychiatrists, and everyday people like you, on issues that affect your mind and simple ways to deal with them.

E Shock You

Bizarre and outlandish news stories from around the world.

Now Sports

The latest in local and international sports, delivered with depth and nuance. Exclusive interviews, passionate commentary, engaging analysis, and more. Every weekday at 6:40 AM, 11:08 AM, and 5:30 PM.

Beyond Nigeria

The world is a global village. News stories from beyond Nigerian shores.

Radio Now Explains

Want to know how bail works in Nigeria? What DNA means? Every weekday, an expert explains one issue in easy to understand language. Tune in to Radio Now Explains. Weekdays at 11:50 AM, 2:30 PM, and 4:25 PM.

Now Express

Social Discourse

What’s trending on social media today? Why is it trending? How did the conversation start? Why does it matter? Find out every weekday at 4:35 PM.

Group Chat

You know when you’re in a car with colleagues or friends or even strangers and a really interesting conversation starts? All the laughs, all that passion! Imagine that happening on the radio. Be part of Group Chat every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:10 PM.

I for don blow

According to Statista, by 2023 revenue from the music industry in Nigeria is expected to reach $44 million. Who’s getting a slice of that pie? Who is the next music star? Hear from upcoming artists at 5:10 PM every Friday.

Nigeria The Good News

A magazine show featuring one Nigerian whose life’s work impacts Nigeria and Nigerians, positively. Catch it every Thursdays at 7:05 pm.

Jollof Agenda

The ultimate concierge program. Pointing you to parties, films, plays, and more you can explore over the weekend. We have an agenda, and it is to make sure you enjoy. Sounds nice? Tune in every Friday at 7:05 PM.

The Big Story

1 Host, 1 story, 1 expert. Every evening we discuss the biggest story of the day.

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