July 21, 2024
Pulitzer Prize Board Praises Students Journalists Covering Campuses
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Pulitzer Prize Board Praises Students Journalists Covering Campuses

The Pulitzer Prize board has released a statement to recognise the efforts of student journalists covering pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the face of what it called “great personal and academic risk”.

Ahead of the announcement of this year’s winners on May 6, the board said it wished to acknowledge what it called, the extraordinary real-time reporting of student journalists at Columbia University, where the Pulitzer Prizes are housed, as the New York Police Department was called onto campus on Tuesday night.

The board also singled out for praise the efforts of student journalists across America’s college campuses, who, it says, are covering protests and unrest in the face of great personal and academic risk.

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Additionally, the Associated Press says that 2,000 people have been arrested since mid-April, when students at Columbia University in New York occupied their campus and set off a wave of student-led pro-Palestine protests across the US.

Early yesterday, at least 200 were arrested at the University of California, Los Angeles, in the latest incident of mass arrest at a campus protest.

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