July 21, 2024
Russia To Deliver Free Grain To Africa Soon
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Russia To Deliver Free Grain To Africa Soon

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country is nearing a deal that will secure free grain to six African countries after the UN-brokered Black Sea grain deal collapsed in July.

Since pulling out of the deal, Russia has been keen to ally with African concerns about the impact of the deal’s collapse on food security.

The grain deal was aimed at ensuring safe grain exports via the Black Sea.

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Speaking at a press conference with Turkish President Recep  Erdogan, the Russian President said they would supply the food and carry out logistics free of charge, adding that deliveries would begin in the next couple of weeks.

Both Ukraine and Russia have laid plans to ship grain outside the framework of the grain deal, which the UN argued was vital to global food security.

President Putin says Russia is ready to return to the deal as soon as restrictions on its own exports are lifted.

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