April 12, 2024
Squid Game The Challenge: It Felt Like It Was Real, Says Contestant
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Squid Game The Challenge: It Felt Like It Was Real, Says Contestant

Netflix hit movie  Squid Game, has come back to the screens, but this time with a reality game show spin-off seeing 456 real players battle it out for a $4.56m (£3.66m) prize fund – one of the biggest cash prizes in TV history.

The gigantic set is the first thing that hits you about Squid Game: The Challenge, before the show kicks off with hundreds of hopefuls in green tracksuits trying to cross a line without being seen to move by a 13.7ft (4.2m) doll furiously swivelling her neck.

One of the contestants, 26 years old Lorenzo Nobilio, said It felt like it was real. “It didn’t feel like you were in a fictional place,” he said.   

Only this time it was radio-controlled exploding dye taking out stumbling players in Red Light, Green Light, and not a fatal bullet on the spot.

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Describing it as the physically hardest game on the show, the London-based Italian said he made it past the line in seven hours, that was a very long time, but it’s called Squid Game: The Challenge, it’s not an all-inclusive holiday in the Canary Islands. 

The show made headlines earlier this year, when people received medical treatment during filming and contestants complained about the cold conditions amid freezing UK weather.

That huge prize attracted applications from 81,000 people from around the globe, before they were whittled down to 456 seemingly normal people – unlike fellow Netflix reality competition show Physical: 100, which gathered a hundred South Korean competitors at peak fitness, including national athletes and bodybuilders.

Squid Game: The Challenge players – mostly American – ranged from a mother and son duo to the oldest at the age of 69. The ones highlighted in the very long series with interviews are mostly people you can warm to, that’s if they’re not being suddenly eliminated from the show.

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    […] READ ALSO: Squid Game The Challenge: It Felt Like It Was Real, Says Contestant […]

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