July 21, 2024
Student Protesters Defy Columbia University’s Deadline
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Student Protesters Defy Columbia University’s Deadline

Pro-Palestinian student protesters at America’s Columbia University have defied a 2pm, or 6:00pm Nigerian time, deadline after they were faced with an ultimatum to either sign a form and leave the encampment or face suspension.

The notice sent on Monday by the university in New York City to protesters in the encampment said that if they left by the deadline and signed a form committing to abide by university policies through June 2025 or an earlier graduation, they could finish the semester in good standing. 

Failure to comply, according to the university, will result in suspension, pending further investigation.

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Protesters met the deadline chanting, clapping and drumming from the encampment of more than 300 people. No officials appeared to enter the encampment, with at least 120 tents staying up as the deadline passed.

Colleges around the US had sought to convince a wave of pro-Palestinian student rallies to clear out tent encampments which have sprung up on their campuses. 

College classes are wrapping up for the semester, and campuses are preparing for graduation ceremonies, giving schools an extra incentive to clear encampments.

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