July 25, 2024
Why I left Academia For Politics – Adamawa Dep Gov-Elect
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Why I left Academia For Politics – Adamawa Dep Gov-Elect

The Deputy Governor-Elect of Adamawa State, Prof Kaletapwa Farauta, says she knew she was taking a risk when she resigned as the Vice Chancellor of Adamawa State University to become the running mate to Governor Ahmadu Fintiri in the just-concluded dramatic governorship election in the state.

Speaking during an interview, she said Her community and governor Fintiri played big roles in her decision to leave the ivory tower for the executive arm of government. Speaking about the risk she took, she says life is about taking risks and whatever you do in life amounts to taking risks. She also added that she knew when she left the classroom and university environment to take up being the running mate of a sitting governor, she would either win or lose.

On the heels of the Adamawa governorship election which extended into a supplementary poll, the Deputy Governor-elect says it is time for all parties to put politics behind and put hands together to unite the people of the state.

Speaking to that end, she says focusing on things that unite Adamawa citizens and Nigerians, will lead to a better Adamawa State for the current, and future generations.

Professor Farauta says she will speak to the governor about mending fences that have been broken during the politicking period.

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