July 21, 2024
Yemi Alade Kicks Against House Demolition In Lagos
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Yemi Alade Kicks Against House Demolition In Lagos

Singer Yemi Alade has berated the Lagos State Government over the recent demolition of some houses in Maryland.

The ‘Johnny’ crooner who lamented that the government was making life more difficult for citizens by rendering them homeless overnight, also said the ongoing demolition in the state was affecting the real estate sector negatively, adding that it is driving investors away.

Speaking on the reason for the ongoing demolition of houses in Mende, Maryland and other parts of the state, the Lagos State Commissioner of Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, has explained the houses being demolished were built on drainage channels.

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The Commissioner said regarding the Mende Villa in Maryland where the Developer initially claimed there was a drainage approval on the property, the Directors who were in the know of what transpired confirmed that the Developer was given temporary and conditional approval to leave a 20m setback from the edge of System 1, but the developer encroached on the setback thereby obstructing the flow of rainwater.

He also said through the magnanimity of Governor Sanwo-Olu, the Right-of-Way was approved to be reduced to 100 meters from 140 and spread on a 60/40 basis, with 60 on the Mende side, and 40 on the Ogudu side, instead of the initial 140 sitting on the Mende side. 

Commissioner Wahab also added that the first notice to comply was served on defaulters in 2021, and the last notice was served in November 2023 after the meeting with the stakeholders.

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