June 6, 2023
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Chairman Of The National Media Complaints Commission Says The Media Should Self-Regulate

Mr Emeka Izeze, the first Chairman of the pioneer National Media Complaints Commission also known as the Media Ombudsman, has reiterated the need for the media to regulate itself saying that the truth should accompany professionalism in upholding the standards of media.

Mr Izeze, who is also a former Managing Director of The Guardian Nigeria newspaper, acknowledged the importance of government regulators in the industry, but said self-regulation would better help develop the media landscape.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Now this morning, Mr Izeze called on media practitioners to uphold the ethics and code of conduct of the media profession.

Speaking on accountability, he proposed moral suasion should be employed as corrective measures for media professionals before employing threats or lawsuits as a final measure.

Mr Izeze mentioned that the commission is open to complaints from both the public and the government on any issue pertaining to the media.

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