July 21, 2024
Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry Loses Another Actor
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Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry Loses Another Actor

Veteran Kannywood actress, Saratu Gidado, popularly known as Daso, is dead.

She died in her sleep and was discovered by her family members on Tuesday morning after the midnight meal before the commencement of the day’s Ramadan fast, Sahur.

Daso, who was a teacher before taking up her acting career, was a prominent figure in the Hausa film industry for over 18 years.

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She made her debut in 2000 in a movie titled Linzami Da Wuta, produced by Sarauniya Movies.

Other films she appeared in include Nagari, Gidauniya, Mashi, and Sansani followed.

Her performances and versatile roles endeared her to audiences across the Northern region. Tributes have continued to pour in from the entertainment world.

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