July 14, 2024
Rose May Alaba Features Camidoh On ‘Lockdown’ Remix
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Rose May Alaba Features Camidoh On ‘Lockdown’ Remix

International Afrobeats artist, Rose May Alaba, has unveiled the highly anticipated remix of her latest single, ‘Lockdown,’ featuring Ghanaian artist Camidoh.

The collaboration, which blends Afrobeat and soulful rhythms, creates a musical experience that transcends borders.

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Following the success of the original track, ‘Lockdown’, Rose May Alaba has takes it to the next level with this remix, adding a fresh perspective and unique flavour to the song.

‘Lockdown’ remix is a celebration of love, passion, and the joy of music. The combination of Rose May Alaba’s rich vocals and Camidoh’s soulful delivery creates a powerful and memorable listening experience. The remix is set to captivate audiences across various music genres, from Afrobeat enthusiasts to soulful R&B lovers.

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