December 3, 2023
29 Gaza Babies Evacuated To Egypt As Hamas Reports Deadly Hospital Strike
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29 Gaza Babies Evacuated To Egypt As Hamas Reports Deadly Hospital Strike

Twenty-nine premature babies were evacuated from war-torn Gaza to Egypt on Monday as the Hamas-run health ministry accused Israel of launching a deadly strike on the territory’s Indonesian Hospital.

The Gaza health ministry says Israel’s army killed at least 12 people in a strike on the Indonesian Hospital in the Palestinian territory’s north, a war zone where entire city blocks have been reduced to rubble.

Those killed included patients, said Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesman of the ministry which has reported a death toll of more than 13,000 as the attacks on Gaza rages on into its seventh week. He added that dozens more were wounded and around 700 people remained trapped inside the “besieged” medical centre.

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Israel did not immediately comment but pushed on with its air and ground campaign which it says is aimed at destroying Hamas in response to the October 7 attacks it says killed 1,200 people.

More than 2.4 million Palestinians are trapped in besieged Gaza and only a few hundred war-wounded and foreign passport holders have been allowed out. Yesterday, Egyptian media reported that 29 premature babies evacuated from Gaza’s biggest hospital, Al-Shifa, had been taken to safety in Egypt through the Rafah crossing.

Meanwhile, diplomatic efforts are underway to seal a deal for the release of some of the 240 hostages Hamas militants took during their October 7 attacks on Israel.

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