April 12, 2024
83 Nigerian Scholars Depart For Morocco Under Bilateral Education Agreement
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83 Nigerian Scholars Depart For Morocco Under Bilateral Education Agreement

Eighty-three Nigerian scholars have departed the country for Morocco under a Bilateral Education Agreement of the Federal Ministry of Education.

The Minister of Education, Tahir Mamman, says the scholars have been chosen in accordance with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s renewed Hope agenda, and will pursue studies in various fields in Morocco.

Minister Mamman also said the ministry has further increased the number of its development partners, noting that several countries now offer scholarships to Nigerian students. According to him, the active countries include Hungary, China, Russia, Algeria, Romania, Morocco, Serbia, Mexico, Egypt, and Venezuela; others not very active include Macedonia, Poland, South Korea, Greece, Japan, and Turkey.

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He added that in order to reciprocate their good gestures, Nigeria has also offered scholarship awards to China and Romania in the past and hopes to reactivate the gesture as the country and others indicate interest.

The Minister, while urging the departing scholars to represent Nigeria with pride and make the most of their educational opportunities, also advised them to adapt to the new cultural environment, abide by local laws and regulations, and connect with the Nigerian Embassy in Rabat for support and guidance.

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