June 13, 2024
Andriy Shevchenko Elected Ukrainian Football Association Boss
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Andriy Shevchenko Elected Ukrainian Football Association Boss

Celebrated Ukraine footballer Andriy Shevchenko has been elected as president of the country’s football association (UAF).

Shevchenko, who won the Champions League with AC Milan in 2003 and is Ukraine’s top goalscorer, has been a staunch opponent of Russia’s war, speaking out regularly against Moscow’s actions and using his profile to help raise funds for victims and refugees.

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The 47-year-old told a press conference in Kyiv he would strive to advance the game under the very difficult conditions of the full-scale war.

Football in Ukraine has not escaped the effects of the war. The season was halted when Russia invaded and games have been shifted to the safer western part of the country.

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