April 15, 2024
At Least 25 Civilians Killed In 48 Hours In Sudan
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At Least 25 Civilians Killed In 48 Hours In Sudan

Fighting has continued in Sudan, leading to the deaths of civilians caught in the crossfire.

A Sudanese medical source told AFP that five civilians were killed by bombs that fell on their homes in Khartoum, a day after an air strike in the city’s south killed at least 20 civilians.

Residents of the war-torn capital reported the city was again pummelled by artillery and rocket fire Sunday, in the fifth month of war between the army and paramilitary fighters.

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Southern Khartoum’s neighbourhood resistance committee says the victims include two children, and warns that more fatalities went unrecorded, as the bodies could not be moved to the hospital because they were severely burned or destroyed during the bombing.

Since war began between the regular army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces on April 15, around 5,000 people have been killed, according to conservative estimates from the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data project.

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    […] READ ALSO: At Least 25 Civilians Killed In 48 Hours In Sudan […]

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