February 28, 2024
Ballet Music Cuts Are Cultural Vandalism, Union Says
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Ballet Music Cuts Are Cultural Vandalism, Union Says

A ballet company’s decision to ditch its orchestra in favour of recorded music has been labelled as “cultural vandalism” by a union.

Northern Ballet has announced “with deep regret” that it would axe live music for some productions from April 2024 due to rising costs.

The Leeds-based ensemble said it had also had to lay off some staff.

The Musicians’ Union said the reduction in live music would be “disastrous” for audiences and musicians.

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The ballet company, which said it had reduced its touring model over the past 12 months due to rising costs, announced on Friday that it could no longer maintain the traditional model.

The union said the decision would affect Northern Ballet Sinfonia players as well as up to 200 musicians in the reserves pool.

General secretary Naomi Pohl said there was “no doubt” the situation was a direct result of funding cuts.

Ms Pohl said: “Ballet is a live medium and audiences demand live musicians, as he urges the Arts Council and Northern Ballet to work together urgently to avert this cultural vandalism and ensure the company can keep doing what it does best: live performance.”

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    […] READ ALSO: Ballet Music Cuts Are Cultural Vandalism, Union Says […]

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