June 13, 2024
CBeebies’ Rebecca Keatley Gives Birth To Baby Girl
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CBeebies’ Rebecca Keatley Gives Birth To Baby Girl

CBeebies’ presenter and actress Rebecca Keatley has given birth to a baby girl.

Posting on social media, Keatley said her “little munchkin called Mabel” was born three weeks early on 10 November weighing 4lb 4oz.

The actress from Port Talbot, who now lives in Manchester where CBeebies is filmed, described her daughter as being “like an out of this world being”.

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She said she and her partner Jim were “delirious with lack of sleep but most importantly love”.

Earlier this month she told how the prospect of becoming a parent had given her a different view on the work she produces. She explained: “Talking to the other cast members who’ve already got children, you know how important it is.

Keatley has been a CBeebies presenter for 11 years after a number of years working in theatre, TV dramas and promotions.

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