February 28, 2024
Civilian Toll In Gaza Far Too High, US Tells Israel
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Civilian Toll In Gaza Far Too High, US Tells Israel

US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has told Israel the toll on Gazan civilians caused by its war against Hamas was far too high, urging the nation to alleviate their suffering.

More than three months into the deadliest-ever Gaza war, Blinken met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv on his fourth round of Middle East crisis diplomacy since the conflict broke out.

While reaffirming his country’s support for Israel’s right to prevent a repetition of the unprecedented Hamas attacks of October 7 that sparked the attacks on Gaza, Secretary Blinken stressed the importance of avoiding further civilian harm and protecting civilian infrastructure in Gaza.

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Blinken later told a news conference that the “daily toll on civilians in Gaza, particularly children, is far too high”, and said more food, water and medicine were needed.

He added that Israel has agreed to a UN assessment mission in northern Gaza that would “determine what needs to be done to allow displaced Palestinians to return safely”.

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