Communal Clashes in Nigeria – The Big Story

The Big Story - by RadioNow / Apr. 27th, 2021
communal clashes

With communal clashes erupting across Nigeria, nowhere in the country seems safe. In Benue state, communal clashes which have occurred for decades have taken a tragic turn, as twelve army personnel were abducted, only to later be found dead.

These army personnel had stepped in to help quell the communal clashes plaguing the area. This comes as two people were reported dead in Rivers state, following clashes between neighbouring communities in the Ogoni region.

In this episode of The Big Story, Radio Now’s Ngozi Orlukwu speaks with Dr. Ndu Nwokolo, a security and governance expert, and Dr. Kazim Lamidi, a conflict resolution expert, to discuss the recent spate of communal clashes, and the possible factors that have lead to increased insecurity in Nigeria.

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