February 28, 2024
Denmark Says Arrests Foiled Terror Attack
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Denmark Says Arrests Foiled Terror Attack

Danish authorities today said they prevented a terror attack, after three arrests in Denmark and a fourth in the Netherlands. Officials did not go into details of the suspects or give any indication as to the possible target of the alleged plot.

 Flemming Drejer, head of operations at the PET intelligence service, told a news conference that other suspects currently abroad were also thought to be implicated in the plot.

The PET considered the threat to be critical, putting it at four on their five-point threat scale. Police stepped up their presence in Copenhagen but said the capital remained “safe”.

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Over the summer, Denmark and neighbouring Sweden became the target of anger in several Muslim countries after a slew of protests in Scandinavia involving burnings and desecrations of the Koran.

In Iraq, nearly a thousand protesters attempted to march on the Danish embassy in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone in late July following a call by firebrand cleric Moqtada Sadr.

Between July 21 and October 24 this year, 483 book burnings or flag burnings were recorded in Denmark, according to national police figures.

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