February 28, 2024
Gaza Truce Extended By Two Days
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Gaza Truce Extended By Two Days

The humanitarian pause in Israel’s attacks on Gaza will be extended by two days, mediator Qatar said Monday as an initial four-day truce in Gaza was set to expire.

Over the course of the humanitarian pause and in weeks prior, Qatar, with the support of the United States and Egypt, has been engaged in intense negotiations to establish and prolong the truce in Gaza, which mediators had said was designed to be broadened and expanded.

Over the course of the initial truce a total of 50 civilian hostages, women and children, were expected to be freed by Hamas. In exchange, 150 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel were to be released and humanitarian aid allowed into Gaza.

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During its first three days, 39 Israeli hostages were freed by Hamas in exchange for 117 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails as part of the deal between the two sides.

Additionally, 17 Thais, one Filipino and one dual Russian-Israeli national have also been released by Hamas.

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