June 13, 2024
Germany Boosts Ukraine’s War Effort With $3bn Military Package
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Germany Boosts Ukraine’s War Effort With $3bn Military Package

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday called Germany a “true friend” in his country’s battle against Russia, as Berlin pledged unwavering support for Kyiv ahead of a widely expected counter-offensive.


Berlin unveiled a military package for Kyiv worth 2.7 billion euros ($3 billion), its biggest for Ukraine, just before Zelensky’s first visit to Germany since Russia’s invasion.


President Zelensky thanked Chancellor Olaf Scholz for what he called Germany’s “powerful support” saying “everything in the security package will significantly strengthen Ukraine’s defence.

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Once accused of reticence in supplying military gear to Ukraine, Germany has since become the second-biggest contributor of tanks, rockets and anti-missile systems to the country, after the United States.


Chancellor Scholz reiterated Berlin’s firm backing, telling President Zelensky directly that Germany will support Ukraine for as long as it is necessary.

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