April 12, 2024
GSK Drugs Scarcity Drives Prices Up In Nigeria
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GSK Drugs Scarcity Drives Prices Up In Nigeria

Pharmacists have lamented the scarcity of drugs produced by GlaxoSmithKline in Nigeria. According to them, the scarcity has led to an unprecedented increment in drug prices by 300 per cent.

The President of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria, Adewale Oladigbolu, says the scarcity is due to supply chain shocks and the impact of COVID-19.

He added that the scarcity is having a significant impact on patient care.

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Also, the National Movement for the Actualisation of Good Governance made up of lawyers, doctors, engineers, journalists, pharmacists, and engineers, among others, showed solidarity with the Nigerian shareholders in GSK Consumer Nigeria plc over alleged, deliberate non-importation of drugs by its foreign partners and the need for indigenous production of drugs.

The coalition accused GSK international and their Nigerian management team of profiteering at the expense of Nigerians’ health by deliberately limiting the supply of certain essentials drugs, noting that it is all geared at devaluing the company’s shares with a plan to shut it down and turn Nigeria into an import hub.

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