February 22, 2024
Hamas Releases Report On Events Of October 7
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Hamas Releases Report On Events Of October 7

Hamas has released a report explaining the motives of the October 7 attack.

In the report, the group stresses the historical context of the conflict and the situation that Palestinians have endured for decades, saying that Israel has been intensifying its abuses under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government.

It adds that the October 7 attack was what it called a “natural response” to the Israeli push to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Hamas also rejected accusations that it deliberately targeted civilians during the October 7 attack in which almost 1,140 people were killed, including 700 civilians, pointing to media reports about Israeli troops targeting cars and homes with Israelis inside. 

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The group did, however, acknowledge that disorder had broken out during the attack, blaming what it cites as the swift collapse of the Israeli security apparatus around Gaza.

The report calls for an investigation into all crimes in occupied Palestine by the International Criminal Court, urging its prosecutor to immediately start a probe on the ground.

While calling for an end to Israel’s offensive on Gaza and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the territory, Hamas, which says it is in a conflict against Israel, not against Jews because of their religion, says Palestinians should be able to decide their own future.

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