June 23, 2024
Interpol Seizes $5.7b Worth Of Cocaine In Latin America Raids
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Interpol Seizes $5.7b Worth Of Cocaine In Latin America Raids

Interpol says over 14,000 people have been arrested and 8,000 weapons seized in an anti-firearms operation across Central and South America. The operation swept up over 200 tonnes of cocaine and other drugs worth $5.7 billion, as well as 370 tonnes of drug precursors (chemical ingredients).

In a statement released yesterday, Interpol says the operation, dubbed “Trigger IX”, was the biggest firearms operation they had ever coordinated.

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Beyond the people arrested and guns seized, police and other authorities also laid their hands on 305,000 rounds of ammunition. A 100,000-round haul in Uruguay “trafficked internationally by two European nationals” was “the country’s largest-ever such seizure”.

The body said its actions had helped uncover other crimes including “corruption, fraud, human trafficking, environmental crime and terrorist activities”.

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