June 18, 2024
Israel Deploys Extra Weapons For Assumed Rafah Offensive
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Israel Deploys Extra Weapons For Assumed Rafah Offensive

The Guardian reports that Israel has deployed extra artillery and armoured personnel carriers to the Gaza Strip periphery.

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that a ground invasion of Rafah would go ahead, saying that a date has been set for the attack, but didn’t disclose when exactly.

Israeli daily Ma’ariv said on Wednesday that troops had been put on alert and the governing principle of the operation had been approved by the Israel Defense Forces, IDF, general staff and Yoav Gallant, the defence minister. 

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The IDF confirmed on Tuesday it was buying 40,000 tents to prepare for the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of displaced civilians who have sought shelter in Rafah, the southernmost town in the Gaza Strip, which is the only major urban area in the territory that Israeli ground forces have not yet entered.

Rafah currently serves as refuge for at least 1.4 million displaced Palestinian civilians.

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