April 12, 2024
Israel Expands Ground Operations In Gaza
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Israel Expands Ground Operations In Gaza

The Israeli military, yesterday, signalled a heavier assault on Gaza, saying it had expanded its ground incursion, and warned that Palestinian civilians should move to the southern part of the coastal strip.

The precise number of soldiers who have been sent into the territory since Friday remained unclear. The Israeli military’s chief spokesman said that Israeli forces are expanding their ground activity and are progressing through the stages of the war according to plan.

For more than two weeks, as Israel prepared for its ground incursion with an intense aerial bombing campaign that, according to Palestinian health authorities, has left thousands dead, many of them children, the Israeli military has been calling on Gazans to move south, toward the border with Egypt. 

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The demand has forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homes, worsening Gaza’s humanitarian crisis, even as Israel continued to bombard areas in the south.

As the ground incursion picks up, the White House warns that Israel must protect innocent Gaza residents by distinguishing between Hamas militants and civilians in the Palestinian territory.

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    […] READ ALSO: Israel Expands Ground Operations In Gaza […]

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