February 28, 2024
Israel Sends Dozens Of Tanks Into Southern Gaza
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Israel Sends Dozens Of Tanks Into Southern Gaza

The Israeli army, yesterday, sent dozens of tanks into southern Gaza as part of an expanded action against Hamas despite global concerns over mounting civilian deaths, and as communications were cut across the besieged territory.

Weeks after Israel deployed ground forces in the north of the Gaza Strip, the army has been air-dropping leaflets in parts of the south, telling Palestinians to flee to other areas.

Israel has vowed to crush Hamas in retaliation for the group’s October 7 attacks that killed about 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and saw around 240 hostages taken, according to Israeli authorities.

Gaza’s health ministry says nearly 15,900 people have been killed in the territory, about 70 percent of them women and children, during Israel’s air, artillery and naval bombardments alongside its ground campaign.

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The toll has sparked global alarm and mass demonstrations, with a group of global leaders called The Elders, accusing Israel of what they called “disproportionate” action. They called on governments providing military assistance to Israel to rethink their approach.

The group said in a statement that Israel’s retaliation has, in their own words, “reached a level of inhumanity towards Palestinians in Gaza that is intolerable”.

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