February 29, 2024
Israeli Bombardments Intensify In Gaza
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Israeli Bombardments Intensify In Gaza

Israeli troops and Hamas militants battled yesterday in house-to-house fighting for control of Khan Younis, Gaza’s second-biggest city, as Palestinian civilians faced increasing difficulty finding shelter and access to humanitarian aid.

Israel’s military said yesterday that  it had carried out airstrikes on about 250 targets in the Gaza Strip during the past day, in some of the heaviest fighting of the two-month-old war.

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The United Nations reported a significant intensification of Israeli bombardments of Gaza since Monday afternoon, along with the intense ground fighting, as well as increased Hamas rocket fire targeting Israel.

Hundreds of thousands of Gazans continued to flee to the west and south of Khan Younis, including to Rafah, which is on the border with Egypt. But the United Nations said shelters there were far beyond capacity, forcing the displaced Palestinians to sleep in the streets or in empty lots.

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