April 19, 2024
Kano Governor-Elect Vows to Reintroduce Free Education, Healthcare
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Kano Governor-Elect Vows to Reintroduce Free Education, Healthcare

The Kano Governor-elect Abba Yusuf has vowed to revive the Kwankwasiyya free education and healthcare schemes when he assumes office.

In a statement released by his spokesperson, Sanusi Dawakin-Tofa, the Governor-elect emphasized the urgent need to address the fundamental responsibilities of government such as the provision of potable water, basic education, and quality healthcare.

“The outgoing administration claimed to have committed huge sums of taxpayers’ money to provide basic water, yet households in Kano are still struggling to access safe drinking water in the 21st century,” said Dawakin-Tofa.

“The incoming government is committed to fixing this and will uphold the Kwankwasiyya philosophy with a wider scope of free education at primary and secondary levels involving the provision of school uniforms, learning materials, meals, conducive environments, paying SSCE fees for students, training, and motivation for teachers to impart good quality education.”

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Furthermore, the Governor-elect promised to prioritize free maternal and child healthcare programs and upgrade local health facilities across the 44 Local Government Areas of Kano State. He also plans to revive the Kwankwasiyya scholarship scheme for tertiary education and terminal degrees in special areas such as medicine, science, and engineering in foreign countries.

“We will complete abandoned projects and continue with laudable populist policies of Kwankwassiyya administrations, such as youth empowerment and enabling environments for MSMEs and entrepreneurship to flourish,” added Dawakin-Tofa.

Abba Kabir Yusuf’s commitment to reviving the Kwankwasiyya free education and healthcare schemes has been met with enthusiasm and hope by the people of Kano State who are eagerly anticipating the positive changes his administration will bring.

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