February 22, 2024
Lagos Traditional Festival Marred By Violence As Area Boys Hijack Celebrations
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Lagos Traditional Festival Marred By Violence As Area Boys Hijack Celebrations

In a recurring and unfortunate pattern, traditionalists are facing disruptions during their festivals as so-called “area boys” continue to hijack the events, perpetrating violence and engaging in deadly clashes. The recent incident unfolded during the egono festival, which commenced on Sunday, marking the third day of celebrations that traditionally include the eta day.

The area boys seized the opportunity during the festival, instigating fights amongst themselves to the extent that one individual lost their life. This ongoing issue suggests that the area boys, who reportedly have internal conflicts, exploit the festive occasions to settle scores, while misleading the public into believing that the traditionalists are responsible for the violence.

Even during the recent egono festival, eyewitnesses were taken aback as the clashes escalated. The presence of QRS vans and police patrols stationed strategically in the area highlighted the efforts by traditionalists to maintain a peaceful atmosphere during their celebrations. It was evident that the traditionalists are committed to observing their festivals without resorting to violence.

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Expressing concern over the recurring incidents, community members are now calling on the government to intervene and address the root causes of the clashes. They urge authorities to take measures to curb the actions of the area boys and ensure the safety and sanctity of traditionalist festivals.

The plea to the government emphasizes that traditionalists are inherently peaceful people who seek to uphold their cultural practices without being associated with violence. Community members hope that with government intervention, the longstanding issue of area boys disrupting traditional festivals can be resolved, fostering a more secure and harmonious environment for all.

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