May 18, 2024
Maritime Workers To Shut Down Port Operations June 5
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Maritime Workers To Shut Down Port Operations June 5

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria has announced plans to shut down port operations starting from Monday, June 5, 2023, citing the unwillingness of the management of shipping companies to discuss the welfare and working conditions of their employees. 

Mr. Adewale Adeyanju, the President-General of the union, says a series of interventions and discussions had been explored but the management of the companies could not come up with a long-term solution to resolve welfare issues.

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He says after the expiration of an initial 14-day ultimatum, a subsequent 7-day ultimatum was issued as a result of the conduct of the management of shipping companies.

Mr Adeyanju reveals that in the past, the Maritime Workers Union had threatened to cripple operations of the shipping companies and the entire ports over alleged anti-labour practices which include poor salaries, retirement benefits, and poor working conditions for its members nationwide.

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